Directed by Luk Perceval (Germany)
Choreography by Ted Stoffer (USA)
Set design by Annette Kurz (Germany)
Costumes by Irina Riabov (Germany)
Light by Mark van Denesse (Germany)
Music setting by Lothar Müller (Germany), Pavel Mikheyev (Russia)
Stage manager – Julia Chudinova

The tragedy Macbeth by Shakespeare is the first production of famed European director Luk Perceval in Russia.

It is not a mere chance that the director chose the BALTIC HOUSE for his “Russian debut”. He cooperates with this theatre for more than ten years and called it his Russian home not once.

The director has never examined Macbeth from common sides. The most concealed and dangerous things – intimate relations between the Man and the Woman is the main subject for him in the tragedy. These are relations which first give birth to feeling, and then easily burn it to ashes. Especially if there is somebody the third!

The man, the woman and… power. The wish of power actually becomes an attempt to change, fill in that emptiness which occurs when the relations are exhausted. The man tries to exchange one, but the only being for him trying to conquer the millions.

He is doomed in this case!




Duncan, King of Scotland – Anatolii Dubanov
Malcolm and Donalbain, Duncan’s sons – (local)
Macbeth – Leonid Alimov
Lady Macbeth – Maria Shulga
Banquo – Roman Driablov
Fleance, Banquo’s son – (local)
Lennox – Yurii Elagin
Macduff – Aleksandr Muravitskii
Lady Macduff – Yulia Gorbatemko
Witches – Anna Budanova, Natalia Kolesnichenko, Taya Savina, Yulia Rodina, Natalia Zhestovskaya. Evgeniya Chetvertkova