Script: Gavriil Pinte
Insertions: George Banu şi Monique Borie
Director: Gavriil Pinte
Artistic Director: Victoria Balint
Scenographer: Roxana Ionescu
Director General Manager: Daniel Vulcu

The Lear Episode is part of an ampler cycle entitled In the Night’s Heart, a project that draws upon Shakespearean plays. The Hamlet Episode, a show that was also created at the “Regina Maria” Theatre in a similar space, is also part of this cycle. It is a community project about the magical force of theatre in a public space that’s open and closed at the same time, and about the certainties and uncertainties of an illuminated night.

In the Night’s Heart – The Lear Episode is a show about the night of the mind, the night of wanderings. A world that’s becoming estranged from reason and love and establishes itself within territories traversed by hate, violence, plotting, exile, alienation, murder… until it finally seeks, fervently, at the night’s end, the path towards light. The performances in this cycle use few lines, relying on the facts/actions suggested by Shakespeare’s plays. Our project is acted in the heart of the night and in the heart of the city at the same time.




Lear: Şerban Borda

Gloucester: George Voinese

Goneril: Angela Tanko

Regan: Anda Tămăşanu

Cordelia: Georgia Căprărin

Bufoon: Mirela Lupu

Edgar: Ciprian Ciuciu

Edmund: Alin Stanciu

Kent: Sebastian Lupu

Intendent 1: Emil Sauciuc

Intendent 2: George Doneti